Comprendre les droits humains à partir de situations où ces droits ne sont pas respectés


  1. Choose in the list a human right you want to defend (each group must have a different topic).
  2. Two possibilities :
    1. Imagine a concrete situation where this human right is not respected.
      1. Example 1 :  “The boys at your school have a soccer team and lots of other sports clubs after school, but the girls don’t have any and are not allowed to participate. The Principal says : “sport is not for girls” !”
      2. Example 2 : “I’m Michael Smith. My son Sam has been permanently excluded from our local primary school because they said he has “challenging behavior”. Sam had autism and I agree he can be a handful! The pupil referral unit has said he needs to go to a special school, but the Council has shut a few of the  special schools in our area, and have told us that there are no more places. As a result he has been off school for over a year.”
    2. Or : find some statistics or real world examples which help to understand to what extent this human right is violated in the world or in a specific country.
      1. Example 1 : “Amnesty found evidence of torture in 79 countries, all of whom were part of the 155 countries that ratified the UN Convention Against Torture. [..] Sri Lanka’s National Human Rights Commission received 86 complaints of torture in the first three months of 2013.
      2. Example 2 : “Raif Badawi is serving a 10-year prison sentence in Saudi Arabia, mainly for setting up a website for social and political debate. Another local blogger explains: “They seek to gag and stifle dissent using various means, including the shameful Terrorism Law that has become a sword waved in the faces of people with opinions. Courts issue prison sentences of 10 years or more as a result of a single tweet. Atheists and people who contact human rights organizations are attacked as ‘terrorists’.””