A Greener Lycée Aiguerande

Les productions des élèves pour sensibiliser à l’écologie au sein du lycée.

Bombay TV







32 réflexions au sujet de « A Greener Lycée Aiguerande »

  1. The song “Radioactive” is super ! And picture with children is so funny !

  2. We like this video. It is very original and funny in the same time :) We had a good time when we watched it :p xoxo

  3. Very very good job ! 😀 Our favourites ones are the bombay’s video and the monkey !

  4. The our favorites scenes are the fall (when the man’s falling in the swimming pool), the photo with the baby is very funny too. I love the cover of uncle Sam ( a symbol of the man who wants the war used to advertissing the ecology). The son “radioactive” is really cool !! 😀

  5. http://goo.gl/n31jQ
    Very good job. I think you took a lot of time to find this exceptional idea ! It’s so fuuny and realist.
    It’s my favorite movie. It’s so bad that it is in French, it will be in english becaue : we are in Eurooooooo
    The best anonymes!!♥♥♥♥

  6. http://goo.gl/iEokz
    I think this video is funny but also serious. So, I think it’s perfect!
    but, there is no rule in lycée aiguerande about food waste. it’s too baad for our environment.

  7. http://goo.gl/RwQEF
    this video is do very well with Obama…
    the idea of the explosion is so imaginative, and Obama is crying, it makes me the feeling of the end of the world, it give emotion, it’s incredible. thank you very much for this beautiful and interesting moment!!!
    peace, love and green. (♥☮)

  8. http://www.grapheine.com/bombaytv/movie-fr-e6dd375cb499b172a00b3c12e065aa31.html –> We really enjoy this movie, but it’s better with originals voices than with the english voices. Great Job Thibault and Massimo.
    We also love the comic of Filip Inutile, So we said to him good job!
    For the video with Jan Phillipe Bediat, with find a great song when you put your bags (John Maynard Keynes replay) ;
    Anyway , most of the movies or the pictures are really funny, We spent a great moment and we take a lot of pleasure to see all those products.