CrashCourse – Personal Identity

Crash Course Philosophy #19 : “Personal Identity”

  • Video
  • Questions :
    • What is personal identity?
    • What are the most important theories on the subject?
    • What are the main problems faced by each theory?
    • Why is personal identity important?

Crash Course Philosophy #20 : “Arguments against Personal Identity”

  • Video
  • Questions :
    • What is David Hume’s view of personal identity?
    • Is there such a thing as a self, according to Derek Parfit?
    • What is the difference between personal identity and survival?

Crash Course Philosophy #21 : “Personhood”

  • Video
  • Questions :
    • Should we make a difference between a person and a human?
    • What are the possible criterias for personhood?
    • Do we have moral obligations to non-humans?
    • What is the gradient theory of personhood?

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