Debatable questions about freedom of speech

Voici une liste de questions proposés par les élèves :

  • Would it really be possible to live without freedom of speech ?
  • Could democracy exist without freedom of speech ?
  • If freedom of speech didn’t exist, could you protest against freedom of speech ?
  • Do you defend all forms of speech, such as propaganda ?
  • Don’t you think it’s important to express what you think ?
  • Is freedom of religion possible without freedom of speech ?
  • Would you really be able to vote freely without freedom of speech ?
  • How could you criticize the government if you don’t have free speech ?
  • Shouldn’t we prevent children from hearing obscenities ?
  • Does freedom of speech allow offending religious beliefs ?
  • Should we allow extremist groups to express their views ?
  • Is the development of critical thinking possible if you don’t allow ideas to be discussed ?
  • Do we have to limit freedom of speech in order to fight against racism ?

So : what do you think ?

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